Hi I am Vadim  Kolganov .Master of sports in Sambo and Judo

Born 1st September 1969 in the Moscow Region of Russia. Started training in Karate in 1979, moving swiftly onto Judo and Sambo.
I started competing in the Central Dynamo club in 1980 becoming Club Champion several times.

In 1986 he became Moscow Champion. Completed high school and entered the Russian State University of Physical Culture studying towards a diploma in physical instruction and sambo coaching.

In 1988 I was enlisted in the Russian Army and spent two years flying helicopters and parachuting out of planes in the Russian Air Forces.

In 1990 I re-joined my course at the Moscow State University of Physical Culture and completed my  Diploma. In 1992 I worked in the Moscow Region Police Force as an inspector of physical education and self-defense within the forces.

In 1993 I worked in a spinal injuries clinic in Moscow which led to a trip to Britain which led to me meeting my wife and settling down in Britain where I now live and work. Since moving to Britain I continued to practice Sambo and through this  activities has come in contact with many excellent wrestlers who have been very keen to add Sambo skills to their already impressive fighting skills.

I returned to competitive wrestling in 2005 winning a friendly competition in Cherbourg, France and taking the Bronze medal in the World Masters Sambo Championships in Prague. In 2006 became  British Sambo Champion. I also studied Army Hand to Hand Combat, Wing Chun, Western Boxing, American Freestyle Wrestling and Belt wrestling.

I also have been trained in Russian Kettlebell Sport. In the past have competed , now I teach how to lift and train with kettlebells properly.

Right now I am living in Scotland. Work in Natural Therapy Clinic as Osteomyologist  and in the evening teaching Russian Martial Arts like Army Hand to Hand Combat, Sport and Combat Sambo. Here are my classes.