Hi everybody!                                                                                                                               Here is another demonstration of Sambo wrestling throwing techniques. In Sambo classification  this type of throw belongs to this group of Leg techniques i.e. techniques that mostly use the legs to throw your opponent.  It is called “Scissors”  take down or in Russian “Nojnitci” . This take down is better to perform when your opponent is standing side on to you. There are different variations of grips for this technique. One of them is when you are gripping your opponents sleeve and high collar . To prepare Scissors take down, pull opponent down to make him react to that and pull back. This way his weight will transfer on to his heels, which will give you an opportune moment for the  Scissors take down . Jump up on to opponents torso bringing one leg in front of his  stomach and the other behind his knees. And using your legs in scissor like motion throw your opponent down. After that you will have opportunity for the various leg locks.

  Here is video from my Sambo class demonstrating Scissors take down into leg locks.