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Master of Sambo & Judo Vadim Kolganov originally from Moscow but now in Glasgow posts blogs that focus on Strength and Conditioning and Fitness.

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Strength Endurance Exercises for Combat Sport

For any sport and Combat sports especially,  as well as being technically  advanced it is important to have good physical conditioning. To have those attributes in good order like strength , inductance, speed, coordination, agility and flexibility. Most of the good fighters have that. But it didn’t just come to them by magic , they […]

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Kettlebells for Strength & Conditioning

I’ve been doing kettlebells for many many years now. I first started back when I lived in Moscow, this was very common strength and conditioning. My main advice would be to start with a comfortable weight and get used to doing the movement. Once you get more confident and find that the weight of the kettlebells […]

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