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Master of Sambo & Judo Vadim Kolganov originally from Moscow but now in Glasgow posts blogs that look at fight skills and why MMA fighters are turning to Sambo & ARB.

See how newbie students develop their skills and become better at Sambo. Learn about why more and more of the best MMA figthers in the UFC and top MMA divisions are turing to Sambo to better their fight game.

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International Sambo Wrestling Seminar in Scotland

Hello my friends ! Great news ! It is finally happened . This weekend in Kilmarnock we going to have big international Sambo wrestling seminar with two head coaches of Russian national Sambo team.  It can’t get better then this. This guys are the real deal. Russian Sambo team is the best in the world. […]

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Russian All-Round Fighting

Hi everybody                                                                                                           […]

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Sport and Combat Sambo Class

Hi everybody. Come to train in  Sport and Combat Sambo. Learn Throws  and submissions . It will help you in your sport if you are doing Judo , BJJ or MMA .  We train Mondays , Thursdays and Sundays. Class lasts 2 hours . This is a short clip of our Sambo training.  

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Strength Endurance Exercises for Combat Sport

For any sport and Combat sports especially,  as well as being technically  advanced it is important to have good physical conditioning. To have those attributes in good order like strength , inductance, speed, coordination, agility and flexibility. Most of the good fighters have that. But it didn’t just come to them by magic , they […]

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Russian Striking Techniques

Here is a good video showing you how to strike an opponent in the best way possible. Notice that my opponent Gary David has a good Allen Key and hits me with it at the end.  

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